Tuba Tunçak

picture taken by: Ellen Schmauss



2018 #understandme- holiday project in Cologne Neubrück in cooperation with the civic association, with “Welcome to Brück” and with the youth centre Neubrück 2016 Nomination for the CIVIS – European Media Prize
2017 & 2018 Director of #understandme – Intercultural festival for children and adolescents in Essen 2014German Radio Prize for the best innovation „Kelebek im Konzert/WDR“
2016 Moderator at WDR Funkhaus Europa 2014 Nomination for the award “Junge Ohren”
2016 PR of Zukunft Bildungswerk gUG 2013 Nomination for the German Radio Prize with the broadcast „KiRaKa-Kelebek“
2015 Foundation of Tubito Events 1999DAAD scholarship
2014 Project management (Tarcus Unternehmensberatung GmbH, WDR) 1996 – 2000three awards for social public relation projects (TCDD- Kızılay  – “Meet Anatolia“)
2011 – 2014 Organization of several cross-media projects at the WDR  
2009 MBA/ Master of Business Administration (A.Ü. Köln/Eskişehir) – Focus: intercultural human resources in public institutions  
 2000 – 2009 Moderator and author at the DW, the WDR and Qantara.de  
2000 Professional speaker training at the IHK İzmir

2000 Graduation in Communication Sciences, PR & Marketing Communication (E.Ü. İzmir)

1999 Extended language diploma in business German at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität/ Düsseldorf