Literatürk 2018 #COURAGE

30.11.18 in the Central Library of Essen, presentation: Tuba Tunçak

Project presentation & Workshops

Diversity in sports

12.11.18 in the Olympia Museum Cologne, moderation: Tuba Tunçak


“Sun of the East & Winds of the West” – “Mediterranean Sea”

29.-30.09.2018 in Cologne

Brückenklang-encounter Event

Building Bridges of Sound

 22.09.2018, Zukunftsakademie NRW-Bochum
Presenter: Tuba Tunçak –  Organizer: Landesmusikrat NRW



“Sun of the East & Winds of the West” – “Mediterranean Sea”

29.-30.09.2018 in Cologne


for ticket reservation contact info@tol-akademie.eu or purchase your ticket here kölnticket.de


#understandme – interactive festivity



Music of Spain

15.04.2018, 4 p.m., Strundener Str. 123, 51069 Köln



workshop & concert

A springlike JOURNEY OF SOUNDS for families

17.03.2018, 4-6 p.m., Strundener Str. 123, 51069 Köln

The music therapist and musician Duygu Orlowski leads you and your children through the sounds and colors of the spring. She plays with different instruments improvisations around the subject “spring”. You and your children can paint to these sounds, participate with rhythm instruments or just listen to them. The main thing is to let your thoughts flow and to enjoy…

Opening offer: Participation fee: adults 8 Euro, children 3 Euro. The number of participants is limited.

Applications to: info@tol-akademie.de – Phone: 0221 359 33 175

Opening event

Foundation of the network Karnaper Netzwerk

1st of March 2018, Essen

The network Karnaper Netzwerk for early education has been founded! A remarkable initiative of several organizations, amongst others the Zukunft Bildungswerk. Part of the program was the topic “more local quality” of the foundation Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung. Tuba Tunçak was glad to moderate this important opening event.


experimental show und family concert

Physics of music

Saturday, 24.02.18  15 p.m., Sunday, 25.02.18 12 a.m., PACT Zollverein, Essen


The moderator Tuba Tunçak, the science-entertainer Joachim Hecker and the duo Doyna with Annette Maye and Martin Schulte go together on a musical-scientific journey. A captivating stage show for small ears and big ears, to be astonished and to participate. It’s all about sounds and music: what do we hear with our ears and how does this work? Why do instruments sound so different? Do we hear something others cannot hear? Can we see sounds? Lots of questions and a musical-scientific show full of answers. For further information: https://www.pact-zollverein.de/programm/physik-der-musik-experimental-show-und-familienkonzert

production of a youtube video series and workshop

01.-02. February, Landesmusikakademie NRW, Heek

„I’m just sitting in this public relations workshop in Heek with this charming, very well organized and sweeping lecturer Tuba Tuncak. That’s lot of fun and at the same time very informative!  Thank’s a lot!“, writes a participant, Bernhard von Almsick, about our last PR and social media workshop. In Heek, we will also produce a youtube series on the diversity of the Landesmusikakademie NRW in collaboration with the media agency Neubert-Müller.