Rooms for your seminars and events

A functional and at the same time cosy working atmosphere means a lot to us!
In our new rooms in the Strundener Str. 123, 51069 Köln, Tubito Events offers you well equipped rooms for art exhibitions, conferences and events. For further questions please contact




price listing for the renting of  a room (30-40 square metres):

12 € / hour
40 € / half a day
75€ / whole day

plus sales taxe 19%, catering and technical equipment depending on the agreement


Project management: Concepts and organization

Tubito Events offers concepts and professional realization of inter cultural events. Individual, innovative and solution oriented- that’s what our approach is! We organize everything, from poetry evenings to concerts, company anniversaries, seminars and gala events. In doing so, we always work in a cross-thematic way, for example in demonstrating a book presentation, together with musical accompaniment, or a gala event, paired with multi medial elements, an art exhibition, underlined with poetic texts.


Freshness, bilingualism and visual arrangements are the characteristics of Tuba Tunçak’s moderations. The audience is not guided in some inflexible way through a presentation, but by means of interactive and multi medial actions will rather be engaged in it.

Her long lasting experience as a radio moderator and editor, always influences and enriches her in this work.

Communication training & coaching

During three intense sessions, you will learn how to manage interview situations, how to act in a self confident and competent way in this decisive moment in front of a camera, a microphone or a public. Tuba Tunçak and her colleagues e.g. Nils Neubert, all professional speakers for many years in front of cameras and microphones, will coach you in a professional way.

Tuba Tunçak also offers another concept in Turkish language, consisting of training sequences in moderation, presentation and correspondence

PR & press work

Tuba Tunçak, due to her studies in marketing communication and her long lasting experience as a journalist and editor, provides the best possible and career orientated consultation for artists and institutions. Her multi lingual team at Tubito Events offers culture-specific and strategical consultation in German, English, French and Croatian.



„A picture says more than a thousand words can do!”. We at Tubito Events would like to add: “Moving pictures are the best way to transport your message!” We offer you to present your project, your band, your idea or just yourself, into the right light. Even a short video clip of some minutes can help to reach in a faster and more effective way your target audience. Your idea, or your services, are the main focus in this clip. They will be presented in a way to create a film, everybody likes to watch. We help you to find the right form, implement it for you, and also offer you the right marketing in the appropriate networks.