Cultural & Educational Institutions

Zukunft Bildungswerk

The welfare establishment Zukunft Bildungswerk creates cultural education programs by cooperating with day-care centers, schools and holiday schools. Like that, projects as #understandme and #listentome have been furnished same as readings arranged by collaborations with day-care centers in Essen or as the township project Gesund und Bunt (Healthy and Colorful). Furthermore, Zukunft Bildungswerk is supporter of the #understandme-festival week, which is leaded by Tuba Tunçak.

Tubito Events organizes diverse cultural education events together with the prizewinning welfare establishment. Moreover, Tubito Events and Neubert & Müller Medienagentur are coordinating the PR work for Zukunft Bildungswerk.

Zeche Carl

Zeche Carl and Tubito Events collaborate as intercultural, educational establishment and venue partners. Here, the main projects #understandme and #listentome found their place to be. The joint workshop series are supported by Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Soziokultur (Society and Culture Consortium of the Land North Rhine-Westphalia).


Landesmusikrat NRW

Landesmusikrat NRW (Music Council of the Land North Rhine-Westphalia) supports the intercultural #understandme-festival week for children, adolescents and schools, taking place in 2017 and 2018. Tuba Tunçak has currently collaborated with Landesmusikrat at the Brückenklang-NRW-Symposium as podium speaker.

Neubert & Müller Medienagentur

Tubito Events and Neubert & Müller Medienagentur have realized lots of film and PR projects as well as workshops. Amongst others on behalf of Zukunft Bildungswerk, Landesmusikakademie NRW (Academy of Music of the Land North Rhein-Westphalia), Diakonie Düsseldorf and within the project #understandme.

Landesmusikakademie NRW

Tubito Events and Neubert & Müller Medienagentur support the Landesmusikakademie NRW (Music Academy of the Land North Rhine-Westphalia) in PR tasks and Social Media Management. Tubito Events organizes demand-orientated workshops and seminars for the Landesmusikakademie council, such as for further cultural and educational establishments.  

Katakomben Theater Essen & The Round Corner


The collaboration between Tubito Events and Katakomben Theater is very diversified. It comprises amongst other things the storytelling format “The Round Corner” which is co-moderated by Tuba Tunçak.

In Katakomben Theater, Tuba Tunçak organizes several concerts, i.a. with Murat Coşkun und Marina Baranova (from Firebird) and the Worldbeat Pop group Emprovista. The newly created joint project is called Mülldrum Company. Tuba Tunçak is in charge of the project management. Zukunft Bildungswerk is supporter of Mülldrum Company . Moreover it this new project is promoted by the German-Turkish Jugendbrücke and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Cologne’s Kulturbunker accommodates the musical science format „Physics of Music“.

Kulturbunker and Tubito Events did also collaborate at Birlikte 2016, an intercultural festival against racism in Cologne.


INIMB e.V. is the intercultural institution for music and performance art and a longtime collaborator of Tubito Events. They executed several projects with a lot of positive feedback, e.g. the Yeşilçam-Gala 2015, the concert „Anatolian Folk meets Rock“ with Pinhani in 2016, the historical medieval pageant Gaudium 2016 and the intercultural #understandme-festival week 2017.

Diakonie Düsseldorf und Junges Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf


Tubito Events and Neubert & Müller Medienagentur collaborated with the Diakonie Düsseldorf and the Junges Schauspielhaus (“Young Playhouse”) during the Easter vacancies 2017 for the #understandme-project. Refugeed adolescents took part at the Musical Media Workshop which combines a professional media competence course and a drum course. Afterwards, a 15-minute film was created, filmed, acted, moderated and reported by the participating adolescents. Tuba Tunçak leaded the project with Nils Neubert as media course tutor and Fabian Clasen as drum course tutor.

Türkischer Gesangsverein Leverkusen

Since 2008 Tubito Events and the Turkish Choir of Leverkusen are working together. Due to  her profession at WDR, Tuba Tunçak collaborated in the organization of the concert series “Melody of Bosporus”. Since 2014, she is moderating the very popular spring-time conerts of the choir in Forum Leverkusen.

Ekin e.V.

Ekin e.V. is acting hand in hand with the Turkish Choir of Leverkusen. Therefore Tubito Events field of activity for both choirs is overlapping.

Tuba Tunçak moderated the concert of Ekin e.V. for the foundation of the Turkish Republic at the 29th of octobre 2016. The Mayor of Krefeld was the patron of this event.

Buchmesse Ruhr

The poetical music event Yakamoz, created by Tuba Tunçak, was celebrated several times within the book fair “Ruhr”.

In 2015, Yakamoz took place for the first time at the book fair “Ruhr” in Dortmund.

In 2016, the next Yakamoz-Event filled the program of the book fair “Ruhr” in Cologne. Furthermore, Tubito Events accomplished the PR tasks for the book fair under the slogan Escape.Refuge.Desire for the Turkish media.