27.03.2019, 8 pm Kulturring Peine

Peine’s newspaper is writing about the event:


ToL-concerts on Sundays: “Percussion connection” with Simon Tressin and Kirill Osherov

03.03.2019 in the ToL-Academy

Also enjoy this video.

Literatürk 2018 #COURAGE

30.11.18 in the Central Library of Essen, presentation: Tuba Tunçak
Pictures: Yunus Ülger & Fatime Okuyucu

Theme day: Diversity in sports in the German Sport and Olympic Museum

12.11.18, Presentation: Tuba Tunçak | To see on the pictures: filmmaker, football player Roman Aslan of the Makkabi e.V.

“Us in Cologne! Immigrants contribute to shape!

17.10.18 im Cologne city hall, presentation: Tuba Tunçak

Visit the ceramic exhibition of the artist Olgu Sümengen Berker until October 30 at the ToL-Academy

Radio on Stage – Tubito Events’ new program

Festival “Sun of the East & Winds of the West” on 29. and 30.09.2018 in our ToL Academie and in the Kulturbunker Cologne

Great concerts, our drumming class and the mobile music workshop!
Thanks to the State Music Council NRW and to the Ministry of Culture and Science.

#understandme-vacation course august 2018 in Köln-Neubrück with the teachers of the ToL Academy

project management: Tuba Tunçak/ Tubito Events
promoter: Bürgerverein Neubrück e.V.
sponsors: Kölner Stadtanzeiger und Willkommen in Brück

#understandme festival 30.06. – 08.07.2018 in Essen

patronage: Serap Güler, state secretary for integration
project management & presentation : Tuba Tuncak
promoter: Zukunft Bildungswerk
cooperation partner: Zeche Carl
supported by State Music Council NRW and NRW Ministry for Children, Families, Refugees and Integration

Read WAZ’s article about our #understandme festival.

Physics of Music

05.07.2018 in the “Sonnenschule” in Herne

Persian Music Workshop with Kioomars Musayyebi in the ToL-Academie in collaboration with Tubito Events


DAAD annual report 2017: Report about our founder Tuba Tunçak, former DAAD scholarship holder in 1999

ToL – Concerts on Sundays with Kioomars Musayyebi in collaboration with Tubito Events and Forum Kultur

ToL-Concerts on Sundays: Music of Spain

15.04.2018, Strundener Straße 123, 51069 Köln

BeatBop meets Orient

25.03.2018, Strundener Straße 123, 51069 Köln

Opening of our new home in Köln-Dellbrück and of the new Tree of Life-Academy

10.03.2018, Strundener Straße 123, 51069 Köln

Physics of Music at PACT Zollverein, 24. & 25.02.2018 in Essen

With Tuba Tunçak, Joe Hecker und Duo Donya

Landesmusikakademie NRW, 01.-02. February 2018

Production of a youtube video series and workshop

Mülldrum Company – project week 13.11.-19.11.17

responsible: Zukunft Bildungwerk
project manager: Tuba Tunçak
sponsor: Deutsch-Türkische Jugenbrücke & Auswärtiges Amt

project manager Tuba Tunçak attended the WDR 5 radio show “Curiosity is enough” on 15 November 2017

Mülldrum Company in the WDR 5 radio show  “KiRaKa” (reporter Bastian Biet)

#listentome workshops fall/winter 2017

adventure camp by Zukunft Bildungswerk in cooperation with the youth welfare office Essen and Tubito Events

seminar at the Elternverein Ruhr e.V. on November 25th, 2017 in Essen

“Marketing-Mix und Social Media” seminar at the Landesmusikakademie (Music Academy of the Land North Rhine-Westphalia) in Heek, on September 27th, 2017

#understandme Festival 2017


#understandme – music & media workshop in cooperation with the Social welfare work Düsseldorf at D’haus

Easter holiday school 2017 in cooperation with the Social welfare work Düsseldorf and D’haus


Interactive reading with Annette Langen on March 27th, 2017


Rhetoric seminars in 2016 and 2017,  at the Elternverband Ruhr e.V. and Lehrerverein Ruhr e.V.


Zukunft Bildungswerk’s Winter school in 2016

 link to the article of the WAZ


Zukunft Bildungswerk celebrates its first anniversary



Anniversary of North Rhine-Westphalian State Council for Integration (on the 9th of November 2015 in NRW’s Parliament)

Some videos

Thomas Kufen, Mayor of Essen at the “Round Corner”

#understandme during Zukunft Bildungswerk’s winter school 2016

#understandme – an intercultural school project

Atilla Elmalı & Kazım Çalışgan: Dünya


Zukunft Bildungswerk

Dilek Türkan & Estrada Fado Group